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The Interrogation - Christa's characters have some tough questions

ALINA [Scarred]: You know I’m not talking to you, right?


CHRISTA: Yeah, I figured.


ALINA: You know why, yes?


CHRISTA: Yeah. Sorry about all that. 


MIKHAEL [Scarred]: In Scarred, you broke one of the “cardinal rules” in the rabbit scene. Why’d you do it?


CHRISTA: It was either the rabbit or Alina. 


MIKHAEL: Point taken. Nothing further.


CHRISTA: This isn’t a trial, Mikhael.


MIKHAEL: It kinda is. Nothing further.


CHRISTA: Sheesh, next joker, please.


KANE [Frayed]: My buddy Reed Henley has had a pretty shitty life in your stories between what happened with his wife in Iraq and her divorcing him after. As much as those events messed with my mind and Collin’s [Savage Hope Duet], it’s easy to see why Reed has a hard time being around happy people. What I want to know is what are you going to do to make it up to him?


CHRISTA: I haven’t decided. At one point, I was going to write “The Big Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse” and—


KANE: Wait! What the actual fuck? You’re dumping us all into the mother-loving’ apocalypse?


CHRISTA: Hey, you asked. And, don’t worry, you and yours are cool. Rule number one for big girls is hook up with an alphalicious badass, the richer the better.  Now, back to Reed. He was going to be out doing a perimeter check at the Stark secret survival complex and come across a young woman. She’s not trying to steal anything, etc., just trying to make it home. She tells him she has to get back home because her baby is there and, of course, that’s a kick in the balls for Reed, so he decides to help her. But, in reality, she—


KANE: Stop or you’ll spoil the ending.


CHRISTA: I said I “was” going to write it.


KANE: Correction. You ARE going to write it.






CHRISTA: Uhm…next interrogator, please.


DANIELLA [Frayed] and MIA [Savage Hope Duet]: We don’t want to interrogate you, dear. In fact, why don’t you rest on this couch here, lie back, and tell us about the first time you remember having these dark thoughts as a child.


CHRISTA: Wait, what? Uhm…no, I had a relatively normal childhood.


DANIELLA: Sure, if you grew up in Romania.




MARIE [Wrecked]: I got nothing but love for you. I mean, sure, my sister didn’t do so well, but she wasn’t exactly Lil’ Miss Innocent, and parts of me are still tingling from what you had Luke do to me in some of the dirty chapters. {EXTENDS CLOSED HAND}




CHRISTA: And, on that note, I’m outta here!

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