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Three HEAs that keep it REAL, keep it FRISKY, and keep it CURVY



Q: What’s a guy to do when the one woman he can’t stop thinking about doesn’t believe he’s got real feelings for her?

A: Take drastic measures.

PIPPA: The idea that my richest and most gorgeous client just proposed to me feels like a crazy joke, or a pitch for some weird reality show. But the thing is, my situation is dire enough that taking Blake up on his offer is a given. I’ll have to keep my wits about me though. Otherwise, the man who’s willing to go through all this to rescue me (because that’s just the kind of guy he is) will be the man I’ll end up falling for harder than I already have.

BLAKE: So, that just happened. I just proposed and saved Pippa's business in one fell swoop. Of course I did. I’ve been protective of her from the very start of our friendship. And now that she’s wearing my ring, protective doesn’t even begin to cover the way I feel. I would’ve stepped up to help her out of the mess either way, and she’ll learn that soon enough. But first things first. Convincing the most stubborn woman alive that I really am in love with her is step one…

Formerly titled Claiming Her Curves—same characters and storyline, with a less commonly-used title and more fitting cover. This second edition, re-issued in 2019 through Evergreen Books Publishing, contains newly added content, which expanded (by nearly double the word count) the shorter original novella published as Curve Contract in 2012.




“Fake it for me.”

Four words no man has ever uttered to a woman. Except for my man. Or my best friend, rather.

Well, he didn’t actually ask me to fake it, I just did. How else was I going to prevent his unexpected family emergency from turning into a tragedy?

And honestly, I’m not faking my feelings. I’ve been madly in love with the guy forever. Yes, I know that going along with all this probably isn’t the smartest or safest idea.

But, I’m alwaysthe smart, safe one.

For once, I want to be the sexy, irresistible one.

Formerly titled Curvy Seduction—same characters and storyline, with a less commonly-used title and more fitting cover. The first edition of this book was previously published as Curve Fix in 2018 and has since been edited throughout and re-issued in 2019 through Evergreen Books Publishing.




“Plus-size model Juno Bell breaks into billionaire’s mansion estate.” I can already see the social media headlines now…

Of course, with my luck, it isn’t the evil paparazzi who catch me in the act. It’s billionaire Ian Dekker himself. And weirdly enough, he’s amused by the whole thing (this time—let’s not get into the last three times…the man really needs better security). He even takes a photo of me on his phone in all my breaking-and-entering glory as a souvenir.

This whole thing is going to kill my career, I just know it. But I don’t care. Saving my dad’s big cat rescue from being demolished by Dekker and his big property development plans is the goal. My parents already endured enough at the hands of another rich guy without a conscience. Preventing it from happening again is the only thing that matters.

Only, Ian’s different from the other life-ruining billionaire. Still richer than sin. But different. He’s actually willing to help my family.

And what he wants in exchange…is me.

(Previously titled Keeping Her Curves)

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