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Dana Fraser returns!


Hey! By popular request (like, the one person who requested it is super popular with me), the peri-apocalypse side project I did as Dana Fraser is back!

About the DEEP STATE DOWN Series, a high-octane grid-down survival thriller, recommended for post-apocalypse fiction fans.

- Hard Way Home

- Dark Road Back 

Hard Way Home (Book 1)


Two strangers. Almost no chance of survival. Even less hope. When a massive cyber breach hits every U.S. hydroelectric station just as the Gulf Coast refineries are decimated by a volatile storm, the attack knocks out the nation’s entire power supply, throwing America into a deadly new dark age in the blink of an eye.


For Army veteran Cash Bishop, getting back to his family before it’s too late to save them becomes a fight to survive in a race against time. His only ally? A brilliant energy scientist who may be the only person still alive with more things to be afraid of than the impending apocalypse.


Dr. Hannah Carter doesn’t know who’s after her or when she became a target. But getting captured is not an option—not that she has many. Seems the stranger she meets on her dangerous cross-country trek is the only person she can trust now to help get her home. And keep her alive.


With chaos escalating and the country on the brink of collapse, Cash and Hannah need to figure out who executed the attacks on the U.S. power grid, and why these people are so willing to kill him to get to her.

Publisher’s Note: Previously released as Long Haul Home (c) 2016, a serial trilogy (Blind Spot, Down Shift, and Dead Head), re-issued with edits and updates, but no storyline changes.

Dark Road Back (Book 2)


In this gripping sequel to the post-apocalypse action thriller HARD WAY HOME, the answers behind an onslaught of not-so-natural disasters only lead to more questions as a global depopulation conspiracy threatens Americans from right in their own back yard.


Retired Army Colonel Thomas Sand returns to the U.S. during its darkest days, only to find the leaders left in government—puppeted by the deep state elite—want him dead. Between the threat assessment algorithm he developed before the apocalypse, and the fact that his wife Becca and stepdaughter Hannah are both brilliant scientists critical to the new world order, his family isn’t short on enemies. And despite all his training to the contrary, his only duty now is to them and their safety. Unbeknownst to him, halfway down the coast, his wife is fighting to drag her fevered and battered body home with no means of communication, and only the help of a nameless stranger…


Meanwhile, Dr. Hannah Carter, still traveling with the Army veteran who saved her life, discovers she may be the linchpin to destroying the dangerous shadow government that now controls what remains of the fast-crumbling U.S. But to do so, she must leave behind everyone she cares about and face off against the hidden puppet master pulling the strings from his bunker. Unbeknownst to her, Cash Bishop, her fearless companion turned ruthless protector, has followed her into the lion’s den, no violence spared. His only light in their new broken world of neverending darkness, finding Hannah is a given. As is taking down the corrupt powers that destroyed his country once and for all…

Publisher’s Note: This newly-combined 125,000 word story was originally released as two separate standalones, Home Port (c) 2016 and Fire Wall (c) 2017.

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Deep State Down (2-Book Boxed Set)


This is the complete DEEP STATE DOWN series bundle, which includes two intense post-apocalyptic survival thrillers:


-  HARD WAY HOME (Book 1)

-  DARK ROAD BACK (Book 2)


Set in a dystopian U.S. that has been thrown into a deadly new dark age, New York Times bestselling author Christa Wick (writing as Dana Fraser) brings readers a gripping 210,000-word action suspense saga following a compelling cast of strong, imperfect characters, each fighting to find and protect their loved ones against unthinkable odds. 


Publisher’s Note: This two-book boxset was previously released as the complete omnibus collection (c) 2017 bundling five serial titles (Blind Spot, Down Shift, Dead Head, Home Port, and Fire Wall).  

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