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Mated by Fate - Book 1 of Hunted Mates


TWO FATED COUPLES: A dangerous society of Hunters has targeted their packs for years, armed to drive their kind to extinction for reasons darker and deadlier than any of the wolf clans realize…

SETH & LANA: Before Seth, Lana had never heard of a pack alpha, never believed in shifters. To be fair, they didn’t believe a human like her existed either. Lana’s a latent—descended from shifters, with unknowingly suppressed abilities that can protect the packs from even the most savage attacks. It’s clear the woman is also his mate. Which means Seth just discovered the Hunters’ new, most valued prey…

DENVER & ESME: He’s the pack’s resident bad boy. But she’s the one who’s off-limits. Together, Esme and Denver shelter and train newly located latents, all the while, ignoring the volatile chemistry that’s tortured them from the start. Wolves and witches don’t mate. It’s why Denver’s so ruthless about keeping his distance—until their enemies learn Esme’s more than just the shifters’ most powerful witch…

NOTE: Previously two separate books, the stories of these two fated couples have been newly revised with added content, and combined into one intertwined tale.

1) Mated by Fate (Two fated couples…)
2) Masked by Danger (One lost mate…)
3) Marked by Magic (Zero room for failure…)

Masked by Danger - Book 2 of Hunted Mates


Cade Mercer has spent nearly a year locating and saving latents—human mates of wolf shifters—from the deadly Hunters who’ll stop at nothing to find them before their mates can.

The newest latent his team has been sent to extract, however, isn’t a latent at all. She’s a she-wolf, a rare alpha female shifter whose mere presence can cause mayhem and bloodshed among unmated male shifters.

As if that weren’t complicated enough, she’s also apparently a highly-regarded homicide detective working a big case…while in heat.

And last, but certainly not least, she just so happens to be the one woman Cade never thought he’d ever see again.

His mate.

NOTE: Previously released but  revised with story changes and added content.

Marked by Magic - Book 3 of Hunted Mates


“I want to know what it’s like to be your mate.”


From her lips, like an arrow to his chest.


Michelle, the wolf clans’ newest discovered latent, is the mate Tanner can’t claim, but would give his life to protect. A lone wolf for far too many years, he’s simply too hardened, too old for her.


Too bad she’s even more stubborn than he is.


The woman’s got a mile-wide protective streak for the cubs being attacked by the Hunters, meaning he can’t let her out of his sight. Not with the war between shifters and Hunters at its deadliest.


With each passing day, Esme, the wolves’ most powerful witch, is dying before their eyes. And the search for answers leads to one vital secret the Hunters have known all along.


If Esme dies, the wolf packs will die with her.


Shifters or Hunters—in this final book of the Hunted Mates series, only one side will survive…

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