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Four dangerous protectors, three women in peril...

Dark Savior


“You run, they chase. It’s in their blood. What they catch, they rip and tear until nothing’s left.”


Undercover DEA agent Dean Ramirez has one shot at saving the innocent woman who just walked in on a deadly drug deal gone bad. To keep her alive, he needs to convince the killers he’s with that he can train the woman to do anything he wants.




A school teacher with more heart than common sense, Garnet has no doubt that she is in the hands of a dark and twisted man, one who thinks he can brainwash her into doing his bidding.


To survive, she has to convince him he’s right.


Author’s note: Of my dark romances, this is one of the darkest.


Previously published as Captive Curves (c) 2012 with revisions throughout and an added epilogue.



AVERY: Maybe making the call to the cops was a dumb move on my part, but I had to do it. Callan’s life was at stake. Yes, I know we exist in different worlds—his far darker and more dangerous than mine—but I’ve been stupid for him since high school all the same. And now, with that one phone call, my life becomes irrevocably tied to his.

…In that it’s in jeopardy just like his is.

CALLAN: If ever there were an angel here in my hell on earth, it’d be shy, sweet Avery Watkins. She’s always been too good to belong to a biker with a past as ugly as mine. Still, I’ve had a soft spot for her since high school all the same. For years, I’ve kept my distance to keep her safe. But all that changes the moment she risks her life for me.

Because now, she’s mine—mine to watch over, mine to keep.

Previously published as Callan (c) 2014, edited with revised and added content throughout, including a Family HEA epilogue.


Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 11.22.41
Her Only Choice


Maddox and Carson have always been like night and day opposites. One a cop. The other...not.

For eight years now, I've quietly loved them from afar while they jumped from one hook-up to the next, seemingly only committed to one woman. Me.

Just not as anything more than their best friend. Or so I thought.

When we suddenly find ourselves at the mercy of a deadly motorcycle club dragging us into their violent world, Carson and I have no choice but to do what we need to survive.

Now, everyone's watching our every move--including Maddox from the outside.

And that's when the real trouble begins.

Previously published as Shield Her (c) 2015, edited throughout with two new extended epilogues from Maddox and Carson.


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