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Ruthless alphas who will face any danger to protect the women they love.

Wrecked - Luke & Marie


MARIE: It’s been six years since I got my baby brother and sister out of the hellhole of abuse we grew up in. Six years spent looking over my shoulder, wondering if we’d ever truly escape our father’s wrath. Everything I did back then, I did to keep them alive. And now that a violent criminal from our past has found us, I’m forced again to use the skills I never asked to be good at. It’s bad enough I end up getting caught in the crime by a man as ruthless as my sister’s captor. But needing—and wanting—to trust him? That’s completely unchartered territory for me.

LUKE: It’s been a while since I’ve caught someone stealing from me—I’m just not the kind of man people make that mistake with often. Hell, if I’d been able to take my eyes off of her that night, she would’ve gotten away with it, too; she’s that good. And yeah, this mess she’s in is bad enough I don’t fault her actions. Still, letting her go is out of the question. I know she thinks I’m as dangerous as they come, and in some ways I am. Given how protective I’m starting to feel about her, dangerous doesn’t even begin to describe the lengths I’ll go to keep her safe.

Scarred - Mikhael & Alina

Mikhael never knew Alina had protected him the only way she could by refusing to escape with him when they were teens.

And she never knew he'd survived the fire set to kill him despite her sacrifice.

It isn’t until her name appears on a kill order ten years later that Mikhael finally learns of the decade of torture Alina has suffered at the hands of a man more evil than even he realized.

But rescuing her is just the beginning.

Now, with secrets too painful to reveal, and the horrors from her imprisonment still shackling her psyche, the only question left unanswered between them is whether the scars she bears are too deep for even his love to heal.

Frayed - Trent & Daniela


Daniella Marquardt has one stop to make before she can flee the state with her newborn niece—a baby with a price tag on her life and no one to protect her. Along with money and hope, time is something Daniella doesn’t have a lot of. Still, she needs to find the last man to see her sister alive. To thank him.

Trent Kane doesn’t know what to make of the woman standing in his office preparing to go face certain death armed only with a plan that has no chance in hell of working. When he learns her connection to the infant he recently saved, the solution is simple; she’s getting his help, whether she wants it or not.

As far as Daniella’s concerned, trusting this bossy, hardened, brutally protective stranger is never going to happen. He may be the big, bad Chief Operating Officer of a private military firm with unlimited resources, but he’s also the coldest—albeit, intensely compelling—man she’s ever met.

The way Trent sees it, this woman effectively turning his life upside down is a risk to herself, and him as well. Despite everything, she still believes in love, which tells him she has no place in his world. Precisely why he needs to ignore their dangerous chemistry and quit being so damn attracted to her.

But, as hell begins to rain down all around them, one thing becomes evident very quickly.

They’re both going to fail at their well-laid plans.

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