Dark Savior


Undercover DEA agent Dean Ramirez has one shot at saving the innocent woman who unknowingly walks in on a deadly drug deal gone bad. If he wants to keep her from getting killed for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he needs to put on one hell of a convincing show. It’s risky. But it buys them a week, which is how long he has to prove he can deliver what he promises—brave, sweet Garnet trusting him completely. Mind and body. The former through the latter.

In their twisted path to freedom that follows, Dean has to make the gang of dangerous criminals he’s investigating believe that he’s every bit as ruthless as they think he is…by first making her believe it as well.

Author’s note: Be advised that of my dark & dirty books, this is definitely one of my darkest.

Previously published as Captive Curves/Captured By Her Curves  (c) 2012 with revisions throughout and an added epilogue.