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Night Returns - OUT NOW!!!



My father’s a leopard and a sadist, my mother a panther and a complete enigma. I am her cage. She is mine—at least until the day my father makes one last play to completely crush us. Now I’m on the run, twisted with guilt because my mother stayed behind so I could escape.


Her cryptic note tells me where to go—a remote town called Night Falls that is filled with rogue shapeshifters. The first one I encounter is a giant wolf called Doone. I flee, he chases. I fall, he heals me.


Our connection is immediate, but is it strong enough to save my mother? 


Raised by a human in near isolation, I haven’t met many shifters. But a town called Night Falls drew me in. I’m just starting to prove myself to its leaders when I encounter an emerald-eyed, dark-skinned beauty in the woods, far from the beaten path—and not part of the Night Falls pack.


Seeing me, she bolts. The wolf in me can’t help but chase. She goes over a cliff, I follow, pushing my alpha energy at the sleek panther. But something strange happens to Mosa on the way down. That’s okay, I’m different, too. Different in a way that could get me killed even among my own kind.I'll take the risk. If my power can keep Mosa safe, I don’t give a damn who knows.

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