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His to Protect: Starting Over

Every Last Doubt - Adler and Sage


The moment I meet the admittedly cute trespasser ready to attack me in my sister’s home just weeks after a tragic accident took her from us, I know the woman’s going to be trouble.

She’s sexy as hell, distractingly curvy—and obviously keeping things from me and my family. Worse than that, she’s definitely afraid of something, and it’s driving me crazy she won’t tell me what.

The thing is, I’m not just starting to feel protective of the walking flight risk, but damn possessive, too. And the more I’m with her, the more I want to be the man that gets her past the fears she’s got bottled up.

In both her head and her heart.

Every Last Doubt (Adler & Sage)
Every Last Touch (Walker & Ashley)
Every Last Look (Barrett & Quinn)
Every Last Secret (Sutton & Maddy)
Every Last Reason (Emerson & Delia)

Every Last Call (Siobhan & Gamble)

Every Last Touch - Walker & Ashley


As far as first impressions go, nearly dropping a tree onto a federal agent is admittedly not the greatest one I’ve ever made. As an opening gambit in pursuit of a feisty, deliciously curvy woman, it’s decidedly the worst.

Doesn’t help matters that Miss Independence insists she doesn’t have time to get sidetracked with a personal life. Which she stubbornly maintains even while looking at me like she’s the lumberjack and I’m the tree she wants to climb.

Good thing she’s on a mission to catch the bad guys—her one shot at greatness, she believes—and needs my help to do it. A ride is all she says she wants. And trust me, I’m damn sure it’s more than she’s ever asked any man for before.

So, of course I’m going to give her a ride.

…But I’m not promising to behave.

Every Last Look - Barret & Quinn


Granted, standing in the middle of a deserted road with an axe in each hand probably wasn’t the best way to get a car to stop for me. But stop, she did. Well, sort of. Okay, so she was just avoiding a rollover into the same ditch I’d broken down in when she braked long enough for me to hop in her truck bed.

Still, it’s fate.

Not just because I need a ride asap to join the other smokejumpers in my crew already gearing up at the airstrip to fight a massive forest fire heading toward my family ranch, but more so because this is going to be a helluva story we’ll be telling our grandkids one day.

Just as soon as I can get the skittish thing to trust that I’m nothing like whatever it is she’s been running from.

His to Protect: Taking Chances

Every Last Secret - Sutton & Madigan


He’s my boss’s brother. Intense and stoic. Humble, disciplined ex-military. And built like a gorgeously rugged tank that somehow manages to make me feel dainty.

I’ve been keeping a very big, very necessary secret from his entire family for years now. I’ve never liked having to do it. In fact, it’s why I’ve been avoiding him from practically the first day we met.

Because strangely, I want to let him in. But being an FBI agent is the only thing I’ve ever felt was my true calling. Losing everything I’ve spent years building would just decimate me.

Problem is, I don’t have a choice anymore. I’m desperate for the kind of help only he can provide. Like I’ve always told my sister, I’d have to be no-other-choice desperate for it to come to this.

And I am.

Every Last Reason - Emerson & Delia


I fell for her even though I knew better, and I walked away to protect us both.

Now it’s three years later and I’m deep undercover with the FBI. Figures that the bikers I’m trying to take down would be targeting her; that’s just my damned luck.

Ironically, she’s free to love anyone she wants now. But she doesn’t know that she can trust me. And I don’t know that I can trust myself to be around her again.

Regardless, I’m going to keep her safe—with my life if it comes to it. Honestly, the risk to my survival, I’m trained to deal with. But the risk to my heart in all this? That’s a whole different story…

Every Last Call - Siobhan & Gamble


I didn’t mean to bid on him.


I’d attended my meddling Great Aunt Dotty’s local bachelor auction with every intention of winning a date with the handsome doctor in town I’ve had my eye on for a few years now.


And even if that hadn’t been the case, believe you me, Sheriff Gamble is the absolute last man that should’ve been on my radar when the bidding began.


It’s tough enough being a female deputy in a small town and a big family with way more overprotective males than any single girl should have. Last thing I need is gossip flying about me and my admittedly hot, mysteriously brooding boss.


Still. Something happened when that auction got under way. Things got heated, and somehow I ended up outbidding every damn woman in the place.


Now, I’ve officially won buff, gruff Jude Gamble for eight hours next week.


And I don’t have a clue in hell what to do with him…

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