Catch these friends-to-lovers singles with hot & dirty alphas just wanting to give their sweet curvy girls the HEAs they deserve.

Curvy Attraction - Aiden & Cecelia


“Ride with me.”

Three simple words. A seemingly perfect solution after my car breaks down.

So why am I so nervous about this? Sure, I’ve harbored the biggest crush on him for over a decade. But one road trip isn’t going to clue him in on that well-kept secret.

I can’t put my finger on what’s making this ride feel like a big deal. That is, until he pulls me close and revs the hard rumbling engine of his bike.

Okay, things are definitely different.

And the ride hasn’t even begun yet.

Curvy Seduction - Owen & Gemma


"Fake it for me."

Four words no man has ever uttered to a woman. Except for my man. Or my best friend, rather.

Well, he didn't actually ask me to fake it, I just did. How else was I going to prevent his unexpected family emergency from turning into a tragedy?

And honestly, I'm not really faking my feelings. I've been madly in love with the guy forever. Yes, I know that going along with all this probably isn't the smartest or safest idea.

But, I'm always the smart, safe one.

For once, I want to be the sexy, irresistible one.

Curvy Perfection - Cayce & Ashley


"Marry me."

Two words I'd never imagined would ever come out of his mouth, and he's saying them to me.

One problem. He isn't proposing so much as proposing a solution to a problem. A big one I never knew existed that'll take both of us to fix.

Pragmatically proposed or not, imagining a life with him is as easy as breathing. We were lifelong friends, after all--until we weren't. He went away without explanation. Now he's back.

The thing is, it takes more than a slowly rekindling friendship to sustain a marriage.

And with each passing day he wears me down, I'm starting to think he's known that all along.