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Looking for a side of strange? 

Her Deviant Dragon


The man I’ve been having nightly dreams about isn’t exactly the man of my dreams. Okay, so maybe he’s dangerously handsome in a dark, intense way. And given that I’m hardly the beauty to his beast, I guess I shouldn’t be judging.

I mean that literally, by the way. The beast part. At least I think dragons are considered beasts. Seeing as how I never knew dragons actually existed, let alone shifted into human form, I’m definitely not an expert. Even despite been psychically connected to him for months now.

The only thing I really know about him is that his wealth gives a whole new meaning to old money. He’s amassed an unimaginable fortune over the course of a millennium, all while searching for the one unattainable thing he wants most of all—a mate.

It’s hard enough for me to wrap my brain around a mortal as a dragon’s mate. And it’s even crazier still to think the hot new online store for bedroom fun times is run by said gruff and stoic dragon.

But the idea of me—the plump, quiet girl with the messed-up past, minimal control of her psychic visions, and zero foreseeable future for her music—being what the determined dragon has been looking for all this time? Seriously?

I’m going to need some major convincing.

…And he’s more than up for that challenge.

Previously published as Curve Dreams (c) 2015 with edits and minor revisions throughout.


His Darkest Depths


How do you find your fated mate when you were born in the ocean's depths and have spent most of your life in a salt water tank?

Well, I gave mine a very special toy. It's an exact replica of a big part of me, tendrils and all.

Her reaction? It's a little too soon to say. She's opening the package now, miles away from me. But I can feel her hands wrap around it, the pulse in each of her fingertips as she begins to explore its length and girth. Along her thighs…against her panties…

Now, it’s finally time—for me to go.

And her to come.

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