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  • His to Claim Series - Currently at six books, follow the sons and daughters of the Turk family as they find love in rural Montana.

  • Untouchable Curves Collection - This collection of steamy friends-to-lovers standalones contains hot & dirty alphas just wanting to give their sweet curvy girls the HEAs they deserve.

  • Until You Series - This series of dirty & sweet quickies features three hot, alphalicious military buddies and the feisty curvy girls that bring them to their knees.

  • Far Too Tempting Collection - There's nothing a hot, alpha soldier can't do when he puts his mind to it. And if he's all set on a curvy beauty with a heart of gold, you can bet he'll deploy more than just his mind to claim her!

  • Irresistible Curves Collection - Hot, alpha billionaires are used to getting any woman they want with a wink. But, when it comes to capturing the hearts of these curvy beauties, they're going to have to earn it

  • Savage Trust Collection - This scorching collection of curvy damsels-in-distress contains ruthlessly sexy alphas who will face any danger to protect the women they love.



AVERY: Maybe making the call to the cops was a dumb move on my part, but I had to do it. Callan’s life was at stake. Yes, I know we exist in different worlds—his far darker and more dangerous than mine—but I’ve been stupid for him since high school all the same. And now, with that one phone call, my life becomes irrevocably tied to his.

…In that it’s in jeopardy just like his is.

CALLAN: If ever there were an angel here in my hell on earth, it’d be shy, sweet Avery Watkins. She’s always been too good to belong to a biker with a past as ugly as mine. Still, I’ve had a soft spot for her since high school all the same. For years, I’ve kept my distance to keep her safe. But all that changes the moment she risks her life for me.

Because now, she’s mine—mine to watch over, mine to keep.

Previously published as Callan (c) 2014, edited with revised and added content throughout, including a Family HEA epilogue.


Her Only Choice


Maddox and Carson have always been like night and day opposites. One a cop. The other...not.

For eight years now, I've quietly loved them from afar while they jumped from one hook-up to the next, seemingly only committed to one woman. Me.

Just not as anything more than their best friend. Or so I thought.

When we suddenly find ourselves at the mercy of a deadly motorcycle club dragging us into their violent world, Carson and I have no choice but to do what we need to survive.

Now, everyone's watching our every move--including Maddox from the outside.

And that's when the real trouble begins.

Previously published as Shield Her (c) 2015, edited throughout with two new extended epilogues from Maddox and Carson.




Laney: It all started with a blind date. For him, at least. Me? I didn’t even know I was on a date with the guy. Honestly, I probably would’ve botched it up if I did. Instead, I just dazzled him with how awkward and odd I am—exactly the kind of qualities any man is looking for in the new PR manager assigned to him, right? Seriously, story of my life. I regrouped though, you have to give me that. Now, all I have to do is not fall hopelessly in love with the hot, gritty, good-deed-doing man while working with him over the next few weeks. Yep, easy peasey…

Gary: Talk about memorable first meetings. It would be just my luck that the smart, sweet woman I thought was my blind date would turn out to be the PR guru from New York attached to my upcoming project. Here I thought the universe got it right for once. That’s okay though, I actually like this better. I figure a few weeks working on this campaign I’ve put my blood and sweat into will be a great way to get to know her better. Yeah, I’m aware we’ve got a few hurdles to navigate past here. And her living a thousand miles away from me? That isn’t even the biggest one…


AUTHOR NOTE: This brand new sweet & steamy standalone short is actually a crossover novella with cameos (aka meddling) by a few characters you may recognize from the Irresistible Curves series (Claiming Her Curves and Capturing Her Curves) and the Untouchable Curves series (Curvy Seduction), not to mention a quick run-in with the fabulous matriarch of the His to Claim series herself. So many worlds colliding, so much fun making it happen. You don’t have to have read any of the other books to read this standalone, but if you have read them, I hope you enjoy getting to catch up with them all as they meddle the heck out of Laney & Gary’s hot happily-ever-after.



I've always thought I was just plain invisible to men--until one unforgettable night makes me discover I'm not. And one equally life-changing contract makes me see how much more I've yet to discover about myself.

My boss Beckett is the quietly deep, devastatingly handsome billionaire I've always wanted from afar, but never once imagined I could have. His friend Jace is the playfully dirty-talking, but no less intense celebrity bachelor I never thought I'd want, with a secret life I'm still wrapping my head around.

They both have dark pasts I want to help heal.

They both want me to be a part of their future.

All I have to sign the contract.

HIS TRUST - Book 1 of the Savage Hope Duet


She thinks I haven't noticed her all this time. Hell, I'd have to be missing both a brain and functioning balls to overlook the quietly enigmatic woman who's clearly too smart and skilled to be working in any entry-level capacity for me.

I don't want to believe Mia's capable of corporate espionage. But given the evidence, it's hard to think otherwise. Not that I seem to be capable of a whole lot of rational thought when I'm around her. She's my own curves-for-days kryptonite--which just makes her that much more dangerous.

Is it possible my enemies planted a woman in my company to seduce me (in the most awkwardly tempting way possible)? In the past, I would've said no way in hell. But after getting a taste of just how hot Mia can burn, I'm starting to see it's definitely possible...and damn worth it, either way.



Of all the gorgeous grouches Melanie’s ever worked with, Declan Bain is without a doubt the worst. And as an aspiring costume designer still working as a wardrobe girl in L.A., she’s definitely met her fair share.

So, when a weird development arises out of the blue, crossing their paths and effectively turning their lives upside down, waking up next to him in her childhood bed is only the second most shocking result.

Finding out he’d actually wanted something to happen between them is the first.

And now that Declan’s fully aware of just how much she’s enjoyed working with his…um, wardrobe, all this time, he’s decided to collect on all the very dirty, very alcohol-fueled promises she made him before falling asleep.

Melanie really has no idea what she promised the man, but if it’s even half as wicked as the things he’s promising to do to her, she’s not sure she’ll survive.

But she’s absolutely willing to find out.



“Plus-size model Juno Bell breaks into billionaire’s mansion estate.” I can already see the social media headlines now…

Of course, with my luck, it isn’t the evil paparazzi who catch me in the act. It’s billionaire Ian Dekker himself. And weirdly enough, he’s amused by the whole thing (this time—let’s not get into the last three times…the man really needs better security). He even takes a photo of me on his phone in all my breaking-and-entering glory as a souvenir.

This whole thing is going to kill my career, I just know it. But I don’t care. Saving my dad’s big cat rescue from being demolished by Dekker and his big property development plans is the goal. My parents already endured enough at the hands of another rich guy without a conscience. Preventing it from happening again is the only thing that matters.

Only, Ian’s different from the other life-ruining billionaire. Still richer than sin. But different. He’s actually willing to help my family.

And what he wants in exchange…is me.



Law student Gina Banks knows that getting in bed--literally--with billionaire Austin Long is just plain trouble. Sure, she's done some downright dangerous things to stop the expansion of Skipjack Bay, but taking risks is different from testing her limits.

Being with Austin would involve both.

His bed. His rules. His intense ability to make her come...completely undone. It all seems way too crazy, even for her. Still, the chance to help the families in her hometown is something she just can't turn down. So, she agrees to his terms.

Total surrender. Hers. To him. A simple business deal where they both get what they want.

The absolute last thing Gina expects is for Austin to end up wanting her to surrender her heart to him, too.

Hot Insta Ever-Afters


1. Curve Proposition (Amber & Sam)

Amber Rice has never had the big O, ever, which is why her friends decide to send her to a ridiculously handsome massage therapist who supposedly helps with this sort of thing. Unfortunately for her, the rumors about Sam Pepin and his ‘extra services’ apparently aren’t true at all. Not that Sam is going to let the sweet, plus-size virgin just run off after her inappropriately hot proposition. Not a chance. He’s more than happy to deliver just what the shy cutie is looking for—and so much more.

Note: This book was previously titled Slow Hand Curves (c) 2012. It’s the same great story (no changes were made to the story content), just with a fresh new title & cover makeover.

2. Curve Distraction (Starla & Cole)

Starla Parks has spent two years quietly in love with billionaire philanthropist Cole Mason while working as his personal assistant. When a search for a missing report on his laptop leads to her discovering a very secret, very dirty file revealing exactly what turns him on, she can’t believe her eyes, or the timing of it all. They’ve got an upcoming work trip this weekend, which means she’s got one crazy chance to see to making his deep, dark secret fantasies come true…along with all of hers as well.

Note: This book was previously titled Curve Lullaby (c) 2014. It’s the same great story (no changes were made to the story content), just with a fresh new title & cover makeover.

3. Curve Satisfaction (Rachel & Carter)

What’s a girl to do when her troublemaking kitten pulls the curtains back—literally—on her private bedroom activities, in plain view of her smoking hot, totally-out-of-her-league neighbor? Run and hide, that’s what. But when Carter comes storming over to make it clear he’s not going to let her shut her lush, plus-size sexiness behind a curtain anymore, Rachel couldn’t be more shocked. Until, that is, he proceeds to provide the clueless beauty some extremely impressive evidence of just how attracted he’s been to her all this time.

Note: This book was previously titled Curves Ahead (c) 2012. It’s the same great story (no changes were made to the story content), just with a fresh new title & cover makeover.

4. Curve Negotiation (Maggie & Jack & Ryan)

As managing director of a high-profile investment firm, Maggie has built her career on her ability to control risks and anticipate the unexpected. So, when she’s forced to hand dismissal letters to both Jack and Ryan, her two favorite summer interns by far, no one is more caught off guard than she is when the sexy pair immediately suggest a way they can still be of service to her and her needs—of the wholly non-work-related variety…together. Talk about a high-risk situation she just did not see coming.

Note: This book was previously titled The Cougar Wore Curves (c) 2015. It’s the same great story (no changes were made to the story content), just with a fresh new title & cover makeover.

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