The Billionaire Master - OUT NOW!!!


Alexa Hunt thinks she's auditioning for a million-dollar payday as the spokesmodel for an upscale line of clothing for female submissives. She doesn't know I own the company or that I've been watching her for months on the fetish site Razor Girls.


She talks a good game for the cameras, but I know her secret.


Alexa has never played a real scene, never felt so much as the hard smack of an open palm on her bare bottom. That all ends tonight, when I teach her the joy of submission.


Tonight -- when I make her mine forever.


Note: Jake & Alexa were previously part of the Training Her Curves serial series, but over the years, I’ve found myself reimagining the way their love story could have unfolded. This retelling of their romance is significantly different from the storyline of the Kehoe siblings in Training Her Curves. In fact, I made so many extensive changes it’s basically a whole new story. I hope you enjoy it!

Seven Nights - OUT NOW!!!


Billionaire Griffin Montgomery only needs one thing from Katelyn Willow—her complete submission.

So he buys it for a week.

To Katelyn, the money is an excuse to camouflage her feelings. Taking Griffin’s deal brings her closer to the enigmatic man, a man who draws her in and flips a switch she didn’t know was waiting for the right finger to stroke it.

A week of submission and self-exploration.

Then it’s over.

Until Griffin discovers it’s not Katelyn’s submission he craves—it’s all of her.

NOTE: Previously published as Pet Me (c) 2018, an expansion of over 10,000 words from the serialized version of Billionaire’s Pet (c) 2012-2013.